The finest combed yarn is produced by us with high tech imported Muratec spinning machines. The spinning unit uses organic cotton to reduce carbon footprint. Our state-of-the-art machinery helps in achieving superior quality yarn from counts Ne 20’ to Ne 60’. Our unit also consists of compact yarn machinery to produce much superior quality yarn.


Our high-tech knitting facility consists of imported Mayer& Cie machines from Germany which create single jersey, Rib and interlock designs. Drop interlock and exclusive Auto striper designs can also be created by these exclusive Mayer & Cie machines which produce  complex designs, larger repeats and superior quality fabric. In addition, all our knitting machines are equipped with the function of creating tubular  as well Open width fabric with diameter  ranging from 19 to 36. 


Our partner dying unit has a large-scale dye water recycle system which, purifies the dye water so as to make it viable enough for Agriculture irrigation, thereby justifying our mission on SDG 12 of sustainable production. It houses advanced dying machines for cotton as well as polyester reactive dying.


Our washing unit comprises of highly updated machinery to create wash effects on garments. Our Stalwart washing machines have a daily washing capacity of X tones. All types of wash can be done in our washing unit.

Sample Studio 

Our sample studio is the place where contemporary latest designs are converted into apparel through skilful designing and pattern making. It is equipped with up to date high tech software to facilitate CAD and CAM generation. It consists of highly skilled representatives with experience of more than 20 years in the industry.


Cutting and spreading division consists of highly efficient machines imported from USA and  Japan to produce garments of precise measurement and highest quality. It is equipped with the latest software for efficient cutting and latest technology of band knife and plotting technologies to perform depth precision task. Our auto spreading machines from Italy facilitate tubular and open-with laying with high efficiency meticulous depth production.


Stitching is a process which requires immense quality and high efficiency, we at Warrior achieve this through highly efficient 1000 sewing machines and highly trained and skilled Labour. Our factory consists of 30 sewing lines, with each organized to meet the specification of the garment design. These sewing lines are equipped to facilitate the garment from commencing sewing to being packed in the carton box in approximately 65 minutes, where 93% efficiency is achieved through line balancing and quick garment feeding. Line coordinator and line quality in charge in every line ensures high quality of the product


Electric boilers and oil boilers provide steam for pressing and drying. Finishing machines are imported from Japan with the function of vacuum and steam pressing. The garment is checked thoroughly for defects and if defected are rejected. Needle detector machines from Japan are installed to ensure 100 % metal free products.

In addition, an exclusive feature of scan and pack is available to the client where he can see real time data on the goods that are ready.


Warrior consists of highly diligent packing team who carry out in-house stuffing with great care. Highest quality standards are followed through expert opinions and guidance to facilitate safe package and delivery.


Warrior Printing division consists of imported M & R and SROQ machines imported from Germany and Spain. It is equipped to print 13 colour HD print on a print width of XXX. Our printing division is equipped with high tech machinery to facilitate reactive, discharge, pigment, plastisol, high density, flock, rubber printing.


Our factory is equipped highly functional 4 head fusing machines from Japan to aid in the fusing rubber stickers to the garment. In addition, auto elastic measuring and cutting machine from Japan for leggings, jogger and track pants.


Enabling the craft of decorating fabric through yarn, our embroidery division is equipped with the latest technology to provide best quality product.